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Our Subscription Structure Has Changed!

The world has changed a lot over the last 25 years since we started “Where The Shows Are!!!” and for a good number of those years the way we accessed the information we use to find shows has pretty much stayed the same. Over the last few years though, the internet has become a much more powerful and practical way for people to find the shows they need. At the same time the costs of providing all that information in the traditional way in a printed book has risen dramatically! In fact, we haven’t had a price increase since 2003 and in that time the actual cost of printing, binding, mailing and putting that printed copy in your hands has tripled!

In response to that demand for online access to our information and simultaineously the added cost of print copy, we developed our new FASTSEARCH online search engine that allows you to get what you need immediately and efficiently. As time goes on we will naturally be adding even more features too. We also have our older search engine for those of you who prefer that but it is much slower. No matter which search engine you choose… you’ll be accessing the same information!


When you click on any of the buttons below you’ll be taken to our online system and there you’ll want to log on to your online account using the username and password you created when you signed up and you’ll be able to automatically renew your subscription! This will default to the ONLINE ONLY subscription, but you can change to the ONLINE AND PRINT COPY if you’d like by clicking on the (change subscription) text right next to the online.

Now there are THREE WAYS you can renew your “Where The Shows Are!!!”

Get It ONLINE… For $49.95 per year you’ll get the most popular method to use the guide with our ONLINE ACCESS. As soon as you’ve paid you’ll be taken right to the database LOG ON page. Here you’ll be able to search through THOUSANDS of shows in just minutes! Not only does this database allow you to find everything that is current… it also allows you to do historical research too! We don’t miss the updates on too many shows… but every once in a while it does happen. Thats’ why we’ve included shows for up to two years in the past. Just in case we didn’t get that update you’re looking for, you still can get the basic information. No waiting for the post office, no hastle with printing delays… just the best information… right now! And this works with your computer, your I-pad, your phone, Android device or whatever else you have to access the internet.



When you select our new FASTSEARCH search engine… you’ll get a very lean, fast response that will get you the information you need quickly and we believe in a very useable format. The advantage of this search engine is not only speed, but flexibility. For example, you can enter parts of a word or parts of a show name into the record and it will return a group of records from which you can select the show you’d like. If you’re in doubt of a show name, just enter the part you are certain of and then select the one you want.

You’ll get the most from this new engine by watching out TUTORIAL that is available by clicking here.


Have It Both Ways… Some people still want the print copy of our guide. Actually you can have it both ways – for $79.95 per year!

The price for the printed copy includes both the ONLINE ACCESS as well as four printed issues of the guide throughout the year.
With the costs associated with postage, printing, binding as well as the other handling involved this is quite a bit higher in price, but you get it all! You can still have thousands of shows at your fingertips without having to rely on any technology!


Get Email Reminders!!!… We live in an ever changing dynamic world… and if you’re going to survive and prosper then you’ve got to have the most current information as soon as it’s available! That’s why we send out weekly email messages. We’ll make certain you’re not missing out on any good shows… that you’re not forgetting those deadlines… and when contacts, dates and more change… you’ve got the best information at your fingertips! Best of all… this is a free service to you whether you’re a paid subscriber or not… So sign up now and start getting the information you need.



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