We have two search engines that access the same data.

When you select our original, older search engine… there are still some advantages it offers. The program was developed several years ago and although it still works fine and will deliver results for you… it is rather slow and you need some patience to use it. The advantage it offers is that you can input more variables and create favorites that will be there when you return. Generally we DO NOT recommend this search engine!

When you select our new FASTSEARCH search engine… you’ll get a very lean, fast response that will get you the information you need quickly and we believe in a very useable format. The advantage of this search engine is not only speed, but flexibility. For example, you can enter parts of a word or parts of a show name into the record and it will return a group of records from which you can select the show you’d like. If you’re in doubt of a show name, just enter the part you are certain of and then select the one you want.

You’ll get the most from this new engine by watching out TUTORIAL that is available by clicking here.