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You can visit the public portion of our website and there you’ll be given basic information on events. Find out what’s happening over the next three weeks! Whether you’re a shopper looking for a great place to find some great work this weekend… or you’re an exhibitor looking to fill an unexpected hole in your schedule… this is the place you’ll want to look! AND IT’S FREE! In addition there is a live link to each event’s website so you can learn more about the show! This service is free and we hope you find it useful.




Another way to search for the shows you want is to try our FASTSEARCH search engine. This is a great way to find the detailed information about each of the shows. You’ll have to sign up to use this one… but you do get TEN DAYS FREE and a great opportunity to see what we offer. Once you learn how to use the search engine you’ll be able to find just about anything you want and you can set the filters to show you only those events you want to consider. I’ve created a tutorial on how to use the search engine so you can get the most from it. You’ll want to click on our FASTSEARCH TUTORIAL button on the front page of our website.

Email Reminders



You can also sign up for FREE email updates! Here again there is a button on the front page of our website and you’ll want to click and sign up. Whether you’re a full time professional, just looking to fine a few shows for extra money… or a shopper who loves going to events… this is something of which you’ll definitely want to take advantage




We also have a great FACEBOOK page where we post information about upcoming events as well as other pertinent information. We invite you to visit the page and like it! Every week you’ll get new information you’ll find very usefull!




Of course the main reason we want you to try all this free information is because we want you to subscribe to our guide. Whether you choose the online version or the print version, this up-to-date, accurate information is just exactly what you need to make money at the shows. Sure you could spend hours searching the internet… you could make hundreds of phone calls… you could try to organize things so you never miss a deadline… and you could just wait for the show to contact you. OR, you could just part with $49.95 per year and we do all that for you!


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There is no catch… it’s exactly as we represent it! You’ll have TEN FREE DAYS to browse over all our listings, read our articles and you’ll even get some of our email updates! We want you to have the opportunity to “try us on for size” before you make the yearly commitment. If you want to see what it’s all about… then this is just what you need!


The most popular way to get our information is right here… online! You get access right away without the hassles of Post Office or printing delays… PLUS… your information is ALWAYS up to date. In fact, we are inputting new shows just about every day! There’s always something new every time you log on.


We still do print… and if you’re one of those people that just loves to lay their hands on a book then this is the choice for you. Approximately every three months you’ll receive a new printed book with thousands of show choices. In addition, you’ll get great articles with tips and techniques aimed at making your life easier, more efficient and much more profitable. Best of all… you get the online access too! So if you just can’t compromise… or you just hate technology then this is for you!


Sometimes you only need information for a short time… or maybe money is tight… maybe you’re on a budgeted income… whatever your reason we now have a way to accommodate everyone on any type of budget! This option allows you unlimited access for one entire month. At the end of the month the system conveniently renews you for another month so your subscription won’t lapse until you decide you no longer need our service. If you decide you’d like to end the monthly subscription… no problem! Just go on PayPal and click end… that’s it! There is no long term contract. If you decide to go yearly instead of monthly… that’s no problem either. Just go to your profile on our membership system, click “Upgrade” and you can move from the monthly to the yearly subscription at any time.


We live in an ever changing dynamic world… and if you’re going to survive and prosper then you’ve got to have the most current information as soon as it’s available! That’s why we send out weekly email messages. We’ll make certain you’re not missing out on any good shows… that you’re not forgetting those deadlines… and when contacts, dates and more change… you’ve got the best information at your fingertips! Best of all… this is a free service to you whether you’re a paid subscriber or not! So sign up now and start getting the information you need.


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