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Find out what’s happening over the next three weeks! Whether you’re a shopper looking for a great place to find some great work this weekend… or you’re an exhibitor looking to fill an unexpected hole in your schedule… this is the place you’ll want to look! AND IT’S FREE!  Just click on the image below.


Now you can!  This new feature on our website is normally reserved for paid subscribers.  BUT… if you click on this link and register with us, you’ll get a FIVE DAY FREE TRIAL to make sure you like what we offer!  If  you like what you see, then you can subscribe to our  guide and become part of our family of subscribers.  You’ll see we offer information on thousands of shows along the entire East Coast!

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When you sign up you’ll recieve four complete editions of our show guide. AND we’ll get your first book in the mail usually the same day! While you’re waiting for the book to arrive, you can access our “Subscriber Only” website and start using the guide immediately!

Eastern Edition Art & Crafts Show Guide  $54.90 (including $4.95 priority mail shipping)

We publish Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall of each year… and each time we print a new book we list as many events as we can find for up to one year in advance. When we print we delete all the shows that have already taken place and then we add in new events where information has just become available. We do that so you won’t miss out on all those big shows where you’ll have to sign up far in advance… and also so you can find some of the smaller shows where you can sign up a little as a couple of weeks in advance.

Whether you’re looking for a well established fine art or craft show…. or just a quick event next week to fill in the gaps in your schedule… “Where The Shows Are!!!” has just what you need!

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